All MinEx CRC Researchers, Staff, Participants and Affiliates are invited to attend the online MinEx CRC 2024 Postgraduate Student Workshop Series, where our postgraduate students will provide an update on their research progress. The series will run between Monday 15 – Thursday 18 July 2024.

A key part of the MinEx CRC agenda is to train the next generation of professionals in the skills required to utilise and maximise the impact of new technologies and ideas generated.

Our postgraduate researchers are an incredibly valuable resource for MinEx CRC:

  1. They bring a vibrant, energetic, creative, and fresh perspective on old and new challenges;
  2. Make an essential contribution to the research agenda; and
  3. Help develop ideas and technology, which they will then take into the marketplace.

MinEx CRC currently has 35 active postgraduate students enrolled and 15 completed students across its three Programs, all of whom can be viewed via the Postgraduate Students page.

This workshop series aims to:

  1. Provide an introduction for new postgraduate students to the wider MinEx CRC community;
  2. Provide an update on overall postgraduate research progress; and
  3. Identify potential collaboration opportunities.


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