Postgraduate Students


Adrienne Brotodewo

University of South Australia
PhD: Geochemical signature of zircon in relation to mineral systems


Below are a list of Postgraduate Students currently or previously supported by MinEx CRC. Click on their name to access their LinkedIn profile.


Adrienne Brotodewo

University of South Australia
PhD: Geochemical signature of zircon in relation to mineral systems



Alexander Simpson

University of Adelaide
PhD: Thermochronological and geochemical footprints of fluid alteration, recorded in apatite


Angus Nixon

University of Adelaide
PhD: Thermochronological evolution of the McArthur Basin and surrounding basement areas


Darwinaji Subarakah

University of Adelaide
PhD: Shale geochemistry and geochronology of the Greater McArthur Group


Ranee Joshi

University of Western Australia
PhD: Multi-scale 3D geological modelling of the Yalgoo-Singleton Greenstone Belt using the Loop Platform



Australian National University
PhD: Cambro-Ordovician magmatism and deformation at he eastern margin of Gondwana, South Australia: Insights into tectonic processes and mineral potential


Joe Schifano

University of New South Wales
PhD: Regional biogeochemical sampling (and associated regolith studies) of the Cobar Basin for mineral exploration at regional to local scales


Mitchell Bockmann

University of Adelaide
PhD: The tectonic setting of early Mesoproterozoic mineral systems in the Gawler Craton


Jie Yu

University of Adelaide
PhD: Tectonics systems and IOCG mineralisation in the Gawler Craton


Alexander De Vries Van Leeuwen

University of South Australia
PhD: Timing, duration, and thermal conditions of metamorphism in the Curnamona Province


Siew Hong Chai

Curtin University
PhD: Drilling Fluid Automation


Hing Hao Chan

Curtin University
PhD: Experimental investigation on fundamentals of rock-bit interactions using impregnated diamond bits

Mahtab R - Resized

Mahtab Rashidifard

University of Western Australia
PhD: Development of a technique to constrain the inversion of sparse potential filed data with the inversion of a dense informative area


Nuwan Suriyaarachchi

University of Western Australia
PhD: Integrated passive seismic/EM characterisation of cover as constraints on drilling

Minex(Photo)Joao Victor Santos

Victor Santos

Curtin University
PhD: Experimental study of down-hole percussive drilling


Fernando Fontana

University of South Australia
PhD: Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analysis for real-time downhole chemical assay

Millicent Crow

Millicent Crowe

University of Newcastle
PhD: Integrating AEM and hydrogeochemistry: Implications for water resources


Stacey Curtis

University of South Australia
PhD: Integrated framework for the igneous and metallogenic evolution of the greater Delamerian Orogen


Anatolii Pakhomenko

Curtin University
MSc: Machine learning to invert surface-wave data


Rui Huang (Eric)

Curtin University
MSc: Fundamentals of Rock Fragmentation of Impregnated Diamond Bit


Snehal Jayakumar

Curtin University
PhD: Cutting Transport in RC drilling using compressible fluids

Saurabh MinEx

Saurabh Pandit

University of Western Australia
MSc: 3D modelling of the Mount Isa South project area


Resized postgrad pic 210223 - Aruni

Aruni Rajanayake

Curtin University
PhD: Innovative geophysics for drilling trajectory control

mosayeb-zahedi (resized)

Mosayeb Khademi Zahedi

University of South Australia
PhD: Linking geophysics and geology through borehole data

luketylkowski (resized)

Luke Tylkowski

University of South Australia
PhD: Resistate indicator minerals as an exploration tool for orogenic gold mineralisation: a case study from the Murray Basin, southeastern Australia

zarawoolston - edited

Zara Woolston

University of Adelaide
PhD: Tracing subsurface ore deposits through the isotope analysis of regolith/cover in Australia: Coupled Cu and S isotope approach applied to a rock-soil-water-plant system

SanaZulic - edited

Sana Zulic

Curtin University
MSc: Advanced Borehole Seismic Imaging Techniques for Mineral Exploration

ivangutierrezagramont - resized

Ivan Gutierrez Agramont

University of South Australia
PhD: Generating synthetic data for training predictive spectroscopic models


Richard Hill

University of Tasmania
PhD: Exploring the East Tennant region: Unravelling the crustal architecture, tectonic evolution and mineral systems potential of an undercover Proterozoic terrane through the integrated use of geophysics, drill hole data and machine learning/geodata analysis techniques


Travis Batch

University of South Australia
PhD: Magnetite and monazite chemistry for iron oxide-copper-gold exploration


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