Wednesday, 14 February 2024

MinEx CRC has struck a commercialisation deal with DIG CT – a niche Australian-based drilling company set to bring MinEx CRC’s RoXplorer® coiled tubing (CT) drilling technology to market.

The revolutionary CT drilling platform enables mineral exploration companies to significantly improve their environmental footprint and productivity by meeting the challenges of exploring in deep cover frontier provinces, barely touched in decades of previous exploration.

Developed in collaboration with industry partners Anglo American, BHP, Epiroc, LKAB Wassara, South 32, and the Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA), the CT platform can drill through unconsolidated cover and hard rock formations to depths of 500 metres, delivering safety, efficiency, productivity and high-quality sampling with minimal infrastructure and streamlined operating processes.

“The key feature of RoXplorer® CT drill rig is the patented mast design and over-the-hole positioning of the coil reel,” MinEx CRC CEO Andrew Bailey said.

“This enables increased coil life, seamless transition between CT and conventional top-drive drilling, rapid loading and unloading of tooling and drill string incorporated on the rig for ease of set up, pack down and transport.”

DIG CT Founder and Director, and Global Drilling Specialist, Craig Lavrick said “I’m proud to have been involved with the CT rig platform’s development since its inception, for over a decade. I consider coil tubing technology a ‘game changer’ and necessary next generation equipment to elevate exploration drilling to a safer, greener and more productive industry.”

Since August 2021, the CT platform has safely completed over 14,000 metres of drilling in collaboration with Geological Survey of South Australia, Geological Survey of Western Australia, Geoscience Australia, Anglo American and EnviroCopper. Drilling trials demonstrate the system’s success and application to real-world, deep cover exploration scenarios while providing cost, productivity, safety and environmental benefits when compared to conventional drilling platforms.

The commercialisation deal between MinEx CRC and DIG CT will see the RoXplorer® CT drilling platform offered as a drilling service for hire, with one initial drill rig in operation, with the intent to grow the fleet as mineral explorers recognise the value and utility of the novel CT technology.

In February 2023 MinEx CRC announced a manufacturing deal with trusted rig manufacturer, Schramm – now a subsidiary of the Epiroc group – are ready to build the new fleet of CT drill rigs as demand increases.

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