NDI Drilling Campaigns

Program Leader

Anthony Budd, Geoscience Australia

Program Objective

The National Drilling Initiative (NDI) will manage and deliver drilling programs in multiple case study areas proposed by MinEx CRC’s partner geological survey organisations.  The NDI vision is to drill multiple holes in a region to map the regional geology and architecture and define the potential for mineral systems in 3D.  A range of drilling methods may be used however it is intended that the NDI will take advantage of new low-cost Coiled Tubing (CT) drilling technology and associated sensing, in order to maximise the number of drill holes and the volume of data collected.

Industry Partners

Program 3 Projects:

Project 7: Maximising the Value of Data and Drilling Through Cover

Project 8: Geological Architecture and Evolution

Project 9: Targeting Mineral Systems in Covered Terranes


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