NDI Campaign 1: East Tennant


The NDI East Tennant Campaign concluded on 15 December 2020.



Data is available via the MinEx CRC National Drilling Initiative (NDI) Portal.

Borehole Completion Reports and Hylogger Data Packages are listed below.


Borehole name: NDIBK01

Collar location: 136.1256, -19.5719

Drill Depth: 351.8 m

Borehole Completion Report: https://portal.ga.gov.au/bhcr/minerals/648462?persona=minexcrc

Hylogger Data Package: https://geoscience.nt.gov.au/gemis/ntgsjspui/handle/1/91247


Borehole name: NDIBK02

Collar location: 136.0107, -19.5397

Drill depth: 347.0 m

Borehole Completion Report: https://portal.ga.gov.au/bhcr/minerals/648481?persona=minexcrc

Hylogger Data Package: https://geoscience.nt.gov.au/gemis/ntgsjspui/handle/1/91258


Borehole name: NDIBK03

Collar location: 35.9464, -19.5569

Drill depth: 350.7 m

Borehole Completion Report: https://portal.ga.gov.au/bhcr/minerals/649159?persona=minexcrc 

Hylogger Data Package: https://geoscience.nt.gov.au/gemis/ntgsjspui/handle/1/91251


Borehole name: NDIBK04

Collar location: 136.2904, -19.5342

Drill depth: 416.3 m

Borehole Completion Report: https://portal.ga.gov.au/bhcr/minerals/650764?persona=minexcrc 

Hylogger Data Package: https://geoscience.nt.gov.au/gemis/ntgsjspui/handle/1/91259


Borehole name:  NDIBK05

Collar location: 135.7949, -19.8483

Drill depth: 293.8 m

Borehole Completion Report: https://portal.ga.gov.au/bhcr/minerals/650765?persona=minexcrc 

Hylogger Data Package: https://geoscience.nt.gov.au/gemis/ntgsjspui/handle/1/91252


Borehole name: NDIBK06

Collar location: 135.9797, -19.1644

Drill depth: 504.7 m

Borehole Completion Report: https://portal.ga.gov.au/bhcr/minerals/650787?persona=minexcrc

Hylogger Data Package: https://geoscience.nt.gov.au/gemis/ntgsjspui/handle/1/91253


Borehole name: NDIBK07

Collar location: 136.3461, -19.1945

Drill depth: 274.0 m

Borehole Completion Report: https://portal.ga.gov.au/bhcr/minerals/650881?persona=minexcrc

Hylogger Data Package: https://geoscience.nt.gov.au/gemis/ntgsjspui/handle/1/91254


Borehole name: NDIBK08

Collar location: 136.2156, -19.3298

Drill depth: 347.8 m

Link: https://portal.ga.gov.au/bhcr/minerals/650882?persona=minexcrc

Hylogger Data Package: https://geoscience.nt.gov.au/gemis/ntgsjspui/handle/1/91255


Borehole name:  NDIBK09

Collar location: 136.0323, -19.4992

Drill depth: 315.5 m

Borehole Completion Report: https://portal.ga.gov.au/bhcr/minerals/650883?persona=minexcrc

Hylogger Data Package: https://geoscience.nt.gov.au/gemis/ntgsjspui/handle/1/91256


Borehole name: NDIBK10

Collar location: 135.8957, -19.7757

Drill depth: 765.7 m

Borehole Completion Report: https://portal.ga.gov.au/bhcr/minerals/650908?persona=minexcrc

Hylogger Data Package: https://geoscience.nt.gov.au/gemis/ntgsjspui/handle/1/91257





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Press Releases

March 2021:

'Drilling Data Unlocks Mineral Potential in the Northern Territory'

'National Drilling Initiative Reveals Golden Opportunity for Northern Australia'

'National drilling initiative reveals golden opportunity for northern Australia'


December 2020:

'Drilling Program Unlocks Hidden Mineral Potential in the East Tennant'


September 2020:

'World First MinEx Scientific Drilling Program set to Reveal Australia’s Hidden Wealth'



March 2021:

Northern Territory News: 'East Tennant’s mining data sparks excitement'

Mining Weekley: 'NDI confirms northern Aus potential'

Precompeditive Review: 'East Tennant drilling program delivers the goods'

MiningNews: 'Stunning results from Government drilling in East Tennant'

Mining Monthly: 'Potential shown in NT drilling'

National Resources Review: 'Drilling data unlocks mineral potential in the NT'

The National Tribune: 'A new frontier for mineral exploration'

Katherine Times: 'New data uncovering gold and copper sets East Tennant as 'exciting exploration frontier'

Mirage News: 'Australia’s world-leading precompetitive geoscience looking deep undercover'


February 2021:

Mining Monthly: 'A New Era'

The National Tribune: 'Stratigraphic drilling completed in East Tennant and South Nicholson'

National Resources Review: 'Drilling program collects samples in underexplored regions'


January 2021:

The West Australian: 'Middle Island expands holding over NT copper-gold play'


December 2020:

Mining Monthly: 'MinEx CRC completes first NDI campaigns'

The West Australian: 'Middle Island shares hike on early NT copper numbers'

NT News: 'World-first scientific drilling program underway in Barkly region'




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