Postgraduate Program

MinEx CRC’s key education and training goals are to collaborate in graduating 50 PGR students from MinEx CRC projects in participant universities and to assist in the training of 200 VET students in specific aspects of drilling and mineral exploration fields.

MinEx CRC will utilise the unique position of CRCs at the nexus between industry and university research to add value for PGR students working on its projects. Specifically, MinEx CRC will:

  • offer a voluntary mentoring scheme for PGR students with senior industry staff;
  • financially support internships within mining companies, geological surveys or METS companies during PGR research, and;
  • provide oral and poster presentation opportunities for every PGR, and networking opportunities with industry representatives, at the annual conference.

Postgraduate Opportunities

This page outlines Masters by Research and PhD project topics that are being offered within MinEx CRC. These projects are being offered at through the various MinEx CRC-affiliated institutions, including Curtin University, University of New South Wales, University of South Australia and University of Western Australia.

Not all projects have stipend scholarships linked to them. Some projects will require a scholarship application process to be undertaken in collaboration with the supervisor and according to the requirements of the host institution. All projects can be filled by Domestic students (Australian/New Zealand citizen or permanent residents). Availability of scholarships for International students is dependent on the university and scholarship application process.

General Themes



  • Optimisation and automation of drilling
  • Drilling fluid management


  • Machine Learning applied to geophysical data
  • Real time subsurface reconstruction from geophysical logging whilst drilling
  • Geostatistics and Machine Learning applied to LIBS geochemical data
  • Human-computer interactions to interpret geological data


  • Regolith studies/hydrogeochemistry
  • Biogeochemistry, hydrogeochemistry and regolith studies for mineral exploration


  • Exploration models for critical minerals (particularly REEs)
  • Exploration models for intrusion-related gold systems
  • Trace element and isotope chemistry of accessory minerals with application to mineral exploration

Main Contact

Questions can be directed to the MinEx CRC Education and Training Coordinator, Caroline Tiddy.

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