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PhD Opportunities

MinEx CRC's key education and training goals are to collaborate in graduating 50 PGR students from MinEx CRC projects in participant universities and to assist in the training of 200 VET students in specific aspects of drilling and mineral exploration fields.

MinEx CRC will utilise the unique position of CRCs at the nexus between industry and university research to add value for PGR students working on its projects. Specifically, MinEx CRC will:

● offer a voluntary mentoring scheme for PGR students with senior industry staff;
● financially support internships within mining companies, geological surveys or METS companies during PGR research, and;
● provide oral and poster presentation opportunities for every PGR, and networking opportunities with industry representatives, at the annual conference.

For further information please contact Caroline Tiddy, Chair of the MinEx CRC Education and Training Committee.


Postgraduate Booklet

Download the MinEx CRC Postgraduate Booklet here.


Postgraduate Flyer

Download the MinEx CRC Postgraduate Flyer here.


Student Forms

MinEx CRC PhD Project Approval Proforma - Word version

MinEx CRC PhD Project Approval Proforma - PDF version

MinEx CRC PhD Student Commencement Proforma - Word version

MinEx CRC PhD Student Commencement Proforma - PDF version


VET Sector

MinEx CRC intends to allocate $150K of its E&T budget to the VET sector with the goal of assisting in the training of 200 VET students. MinEx CRC will work in partnership with Industry Organisations to identify skills gaps related to the drilling and mineral exploration industries.


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