Program Two: Data From Drilling

Program Leader

Yulia Uvarova, CSIRO

Program Objective

This program will develop technologies for capturing geochemical, petrophysical and seismic data either during drilling or within the drilling workflow.  The program will also deliver software that will enable drilling data to be integrated into 3D geological models in real-time, delivering timely data to inform decisions on drill holes during drilling.  This will contribute to drilling productivity through more efficient targeting, by minimising mobilisation costs and by allowing modifications to the drilling program during deployment.

Industry Partners

  • Anglo American
  • Barrick
  • BHP
  • South 32
  • HiSeis
  • Olympus
  • Minerals Research Institute of WA (MRIWA)
  • Sandvik

Project 3: Real-time Downhole Assay

Develop a real-time downhole quantitative analytical technique that provides a broad suite of chemical elements for targeting in greenfield environments at detection limits that allow robust and reliable real-time decisions.  Develop a downhole sensor for Au assay whilst drilling that will replace 50% of fire assays and enable reliable decisions without further analytical work

P2 A

Project 4: Petrophysical Logging While Drilling (LWD)

Achieve real time subsurface sensing during CT drilling to depths of 1000m and to provide real time imaging to assist geo-steering to within 30 m of a lithological target

P2 B

Project 5: Seismic in the Drilling Workflow

1. Reduction of borehole seismic survey costs by 50% from current.
2. Reduction in the need for exploration drilling by 50% due to application of seismic methods.
3. Utilise new seismic sensor technologies in boreholes, underground workings and surface to demonstrate benefits of such an instrumented field at a participant operation for continuous updating of geological model of the subsurface, for mine planning and safe operation.


Project 6: Automated 3D Modelling

Reduce by 50% the time taken from receiving data to constructing a probabilistic models at the mine-scale.

P2 D


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