On behalf of everyone here at MinEx CRC, we wish to welcome Jonathan Law to our independent Board of Directors.

Jonathan is a geologist who worked in the exploration industry before joining CSIRO in 2002. He became the Director of CSIRO Minerals Downunder Flagship in 2011 and the mineral resources Business Unit in 2015. While leading the Mineral Resources Business Unit, he oversaw the successful commercialisation of several products. He retired from CSIRO in early 2024 as CSIRO’s Executive Director for Growth, responsible for BD&C and the CSIRO global and mission programs.

It’s important to note that MinEx CRC is governed by an independent skills-based Board. This Board is accountable to several stakeholders, including the Australian Government through the Commonwealth Agreement, our Participants through the respective Participants Agreement and Affiliates Agreements, and our Members through the Constitution. This structure ensures transparency and trust in our operations.

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