A big thank you to our industry delegation, who toured the CT drilling platform currently stationed in the Great Sandy Desert (WA) for our NDI project in collaboration with GSWA.

This Campaign will drill up to 10 stratigraphic boreholes using MinExCRC  CT drilling technology to acquire physical samples and on-site geological, petrophysical and geochemical information.

The CT 500 Platform has progressed from a field prototype to a successful demonstration platform.  Collaborating with Geological Surveys and Industry Participants, we have safely, efficiently and economically drilled and sampled 14,000m in four states.  These deployments have driven a steep learning curve in our understanding of the performance of the CT500 Platform – from both a technical and operations perspective.

Our results demonstrate that the CT500 Platform delivers on its promise of safe, clean, efficient, reliable, low-cost drilling, delivering high-quality samples.   Where we are able to compare against conventional drilling systems in the same environment, the CT500 Platform consistently outperforms conventional drilling in terms of cost, drilling productivity, fuel consumption (thus CO2 emissions), water consumption and environmental footprint.

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