Geoscience Australia will be hosting a series of online roadshow events in July to mark the significant achievements of their Exploring for the Future (EFTF) program.

Geoscience Australia commenced the first phase of the EFTF program in 2016, to better understand the mineral, energy, and groundwater resources of Northern Australia to encourage exploration investment and inform resource management decisions.

The program has been highly successful, implementing innovative methods and integrating multi-disciplinary data from surveys that covered 2 million square kilometres. Nearly 200 new datasets and reports have been delivered through a new world-leading data delivery portal. The program has been extended for four years and will expand its reach nationally.

Tangible benefits from the first phase can already be seen. Insights into groundwater systems are shaping catchment management plans. New exploration tenements have been taken up, over an area larger than the state of Tasmania, which constitute the first step toward resource discovery and economic development that will support the post-pandemic recovery.

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