Participants may be:
  • Major Mining Companies (>$AUD 5 B) contribute $200K per annum to up to four projects of your choice
  • Mid-Tier Mining Companies ($AUD 0.5-5 B) contribute $100K per annum to up to two projects of your choice
  • Geological Surveys can indicate which projects they support with funding leveraged from survey drilling funds of >$2M invested in the National Drilling Initiative
  • METS Supplier Companies, selecting at least one project which they will support with $50K pa cash and $50K pa in kind and an option to commercialise outputs

Industry Participants

Research Participants


Affiliates, at the cost of $10k pa, may be:
  • METS suppliers of any size, junior explorers/miners (market capitalisation < $AUD 500 M)
  • Geological surveys who are not participants

Contributions may qualify for a tax offset under the Australian Government’s R&D Tax Incentive Scheme.

New Participants may apply to join MinEx CRC but with limitations on the number of METS suppliers per project.

Affiliate Geological Surveys

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