Scientific Publications

Scientific publications


Scientific publications authored by MinEx CRC researchers and staff are listed below.

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Le, C.V.A., Harris, B.D. and Pethick, A.M. (2019) New perspectives on Solid Earth Geology from Seismic Texture to Cooperative Inversion. Scientific Reports, Volume 9, Issue 1, Article number 14737 (4)


Reid, A.J., Halpin, J.A. and Dutch, RA (2019) Timing and style of high-temperature metamorphism across the Western Gawler Craton during the Paleo- to Mesoproterozoic. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 66 (8), pp. 1085-1111 (8)


Urosevic, M., Bona, A., Ziramov, S., Pevzner, R., Tertyshnikov, K., Martin, R., Dwyer, J., Felding, D., Guarin, C. and Foley, A. (2019). Seismic exploration of mineral resources in Western Australia with Distributed Acoustic Sensing. 25th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics; The Hague; Netherlands; September 2019 (5)


Giraud, J., Lindsay, M., Jessell, M. and Ogarko, V. (2020). Towards plausible lithological classification from geophysical inversion: Honouring geological principles in subsurface imaging. Solid Earth, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 419-436. (6)


Lloyd, J. C., Blades, M. L., Counts, J. W., Collins, A. S., Amos, K. J., Wade, B. P., Hall, J. W., Hore, S., Ball, A. L., Shahin, S. and Drabsch, M. (2020) Neoproterozoic geochronology and provenance of the Adelaide Superbasin. Precambrian Research, Volume 350, November 2020, Article number 105849


Rashidifard, M., Giraud, J., Ogarko, V., Jessell, M. and Lindsay, M. (2020) Cooperative inversion of seismic and gravity data using weighted structure-based constraints. 3rd Conference on Geophysics for Mineral Exploration and Mining, Held at Near Surface Geoscience 2020, Virtual Online, 7 December 2020 – 8 December 2020, 167187


Reid, A.J., Pawley, M.J., Wade, C., Jagodzinski, E.A., Dutch, R and Armstrong, R. (2020) Resolving tectonic settings of ancient magmatic suites using structural, geochemical and isotopic constraints: the example of the St Peter Suite, southern Australia. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 67 (1), pp. 31-58 (8)


Shulakova, V., Tertyshnikov K., Pevzner, R., Kovalyshen, Y., Bona, A. and Gurevich, B. (2020) Ambient seismic noise in urban environment: Case Study using Downhole DAS at Curtin University Campus. EAGE Workshop on Fiber Optic Sensing for Energy Application in Asia Pacific 2020, Virtual Online, 9 November 2020 – 11 November 2020, 170014


Sidenko, E., Bona, A., Pevzner, R., Issa, N. and Tertyshnikov K. (2020) Influence of interrogators’ design on DAS directional sensitivity. EAGE Workshop on Fiber Optic Sensing for Energy Application in sia Pacific 2020, Virtual Online, 9 November 2020 – 11 November 2020, 170014


Tertyshnikov K., Yurikov, A., Bona, A., Urosevic, M., Pevzner, R. and Critall, J. (2020) 3D VSP for coal seams exploration using permanently installed DAS. EAGE Workshop on Fiber Optic Sensing for Energy Application in Asia Pacific 2020, Virtual Online, 9 November 2020 – 11 November 2020, 170014


Tiddy, C., Betts, P. G., Neumann, M. R., Murphy, F. C., Stewart, J., Giles, D., Sawyer, M., Freeman, H. and Jourdan, F. (2020). Interpretation of ca. 1600-1580 Ma metamorphic core complex in the northern Gawler Craton, Australia. Gondwana Research 85, Pages 263-290. (8)


Tiddy, C. and Giles, D. (2020). Suprasubduction zone model for metal endowment at 1.60-1.57 Ga in eastern Australia. Ore Geology Reviews 122, 30p. (8)


Yang, B., Collins, A. S., Cox, G. M., Jarrett, A. J. M., Denyszyn, S., Blades, M. L., Farkas, J.and Glorie, S.(2020) Using Mesoproterozoic sedimentary geochemistry to reconstruct basin tectonic geography and link organic carbon productivity to nutrient flux from a Northern Australian large igneous Province. Basin Research, Volume 32, Issue 6, Pages 1734-1750, December 2020 (8)


Bailey, A. and Giles, D. (2021) Exploration Advances: MinEx CRC's Mission. AusIMM, Theme: Exploration and geology, Abstract 11


Brotodewo, A., Tiddy, C., Zivak, D., Fabris, A. and Giles, D. (2021) Geochemical discrimination of igneous zircon in the Gawler Craton, South Australia. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, Volume 68, Issue 4, Pages 557-579


Caruso, A. S., Clarke, K. D., Tiddy, C. J. and Lewis, M. M. (2021) Airborne hyperspectral characterisation of hydrothermal alteration in a regolith-dominated terrain, southern Gawler Ranges, South Australia. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, Volume 68, Issue 4, Pages 590-608


Chen, G. Y., Fox, S., Lancaster, D. G. and Soe, S. (2021) Temperature-Compensated Interferometric Torque Sensor with Bi-Directional Coiling. Journal of Lightwave Technology, Volume 39, Issue 12, Pages 4166-4173, 15 June 2021, Article number 9186273


De Vries Van Leeuwen, A. T., Hand, M., Morrissey, L. J. and Raimondo, T. (2021) Th–U powered metamorphism: Thermal consequences of a chemical hotspot. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, Volume 39, Issue 5, Pages 541-564, June 2021


Fontana, F. F., Tassios, S., Stromberg, J., Tiddy, C., van der Hoek, B. and Uvarova, Y. A. (2021) Integrated laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and multivariate wavelet tessellation: A new, rapid approach for lithogeochemical analysis and interpretation. Minerals, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 1-22, March 2021, Article number 312


Grose, L., Ailleries, L., Laurent, G. and Jessell, M. (2021) LoopStructural 1.0: Time-aware geological modelling. Geoscientific Model Development, Volume 14, Issue 6, Pages 3915-3937, 29 June 2021


Guo, J., Li, Y., Jessell, M. W., Giraud, J., Wu, L., Li, F. and Liu, S. (2021) 3D geological structure inversion from Noddy-generated magnetic data using deep learning methods. Computers and Geoscience, Volume 149, April 021, Article number 104701


Martin, R., Giraud, J., Ogarko, V., Chevrot, S., Beller, S., Gegout, P. and Jessell, M. (2021) Three-dimensional gravity anomaly data inversion in the Pyrenees using compressional seismic velocity model as structural similarity constraints. Geophysical Journal International, Volume 225, Issue 2, Pages 1063-1085, 1 May 2021


McQueen, K., Alorbi, A., Schifano, J. and Cohen, D. (2021) Nickel uptake by cypress pine (Callitris glaucophylla) in the Miandetta area, Australia: Implications for use in biogeochemical exploration. Minerals, Volume 11, Issue 8, August 2021, Article number 808


Payne, J. L., Morrissey, L. J., Tucker, N. M., Roche, L. K., Szpunar, M. A. and Neroni, R. (2021) Granites and gabbros at the dawn of a coherent Australian continent. Precambrian Research, Volume 359, 1 July 2021, Article number 106189


Simpson, A., Gilbert, S., Tamblyn, R., Hand, M., Spandler, C., Gillespie, J., Nixon, A. and Glorie, S. (2021) In-situ Lu–Hf geochronology of garnet, apatite and xenotime by LA ICP MS/MS. Chemical Geology, Volume 577, 5 September 2021, Article number 120299


Tiddy, C., Zivak, D., Hill, J., Giles, D., Hodgkison, J., Neumann, M. and Brotodewo, A. (2021) Monazite as an exploration tool for iron oxide-copper-gold mineralisation in the Gawler Craton, South Australia. Minerals, Volume 11, Issue 8, Article number 809


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