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What is NDI Portal?

MinEx CRC has built a web portal to allow industry to easily access, visualise, analyse and share exploration data collected during the National Drilling Initiative.

One of the aims of MinEx CRC is to attract exploration and discovery into areas which have not yet been explored, and this will be done by MinEx drilling a number of holes in selected areas in order to provide new knowledge about the geology of these areas. This will make it easier for companies to make decisions about whether they want to explore in those areas.

The MinEx NDI portal aims to deliver National Drilling Initiative data in an efficient and accessible manner to the widest possible audience. The data are viewable on a mapping platform which includes built-in analytical tools designed to address specific stakeholder questions, turning drilling data collected by the NDI into knowledge . As the portal evolves new analytical tools will be added to provide greater functionality. In addition, data can be selected interactively and downloaded for export to other software packages.

A beta version of the MinEx CRC NDI portal has been released and can be accessed via any modern web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox).



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